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Special Guest room amenities

(Bespoke and tailor made designs)

(Real & Fake leather, resine, teak, stone, mother of pearl, nacre, egg shells, vinyl, plexiglass, hummer)

  • Leather items: Blotters, ice buckets, amenity trays, mini bar trays, tissue box covers remote control holders, folders, menus, note & desk pads, fire retardant bins with inside liners.
  • Spa accessories: Clock therapists, chime bells, candles, candle holders, coasters, votives, bowls, oil dispensers, oil dispensers, service & bed trays, Aromatherapy burners, Oil burners, linen baskets, compendium boxes, zen gardens, sandblasted oil testers, testube oil bottles, cosmetic trays.
  • Bath room accessories: Soap dispensers, soap trays, amenity trays, tissue box covers.
  • Outdoor Ashtrays: Brass and bronze table ashtrays.
  • Mini bars: Green & Eco-friendly technology.